Baby products and injuries

There are so many baby products in the market that it is fast becoming one of the biggest selling product of all times, but do you know that these items are not always good quality stuff. Many baby Product have been recalled or suspended by the manufacturer, after they were found to be faulty or caused severe injuries or harm. It doesn’t matter that they were made by well-known companies who have been in the market since a long time and know exactly what to make and how to make it. There still might be problems with their merchandise.

1. Faulty clasps:

Many items which are categorized as baby products in the market have inbuilt structures which include clasps. Cots, cribs, bassinets, push chairs and prams all have clasps that are used to either fold these items or close them. They can also be used to reverse the position of the pram from front facing to rear facing. Your fingers can be caught in a faulty clasp of the billie faiers pram and can even cut your them if they are jagged.

2. Defective brake system:

Faulty brake system can actually be very harmful in prams. sometimes the break come loose and if you were standing on a steep road the billie faiers pram might start moving with the baby inside. This is extremely dangerous if the billie faiers pram moves on to the road in front of an incoming traffic. Sometimes a defective brake system can also cause the brakes to jam thus making it very difficult to make the stroller go forward.

3. Broken folding mechanism

If mechanism of the billie faiers pram is not sturdy, it can actually cause the back of the pram to fall on baby. Parents have reported cases where such a situation has occurred causing harm to the baby sitting inside.